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Soft alarm clock

Alarm clock for Android

Free alarm clock for Android phones and tablets. Supports multiple alarms, 3 clock types, 4 deactivation methods and more...

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Soft alarm clock – Clock with alarm for Android is equipped with many customization features that will help you wake up with a smile

Soft alarm clock - proizvoljni ton alarma
  1. Custom alarm melody

    Choose your favorite melody with which to start the day. Whether it's built-in ring tones from your phone or melodies from an SD card

  2. Gently awakening

    This option allows you to adjust the wake with a melody that is gradually enhanced. The time it takes for the melody to reach the maximum level is also adjustable

  3. Repeating alarm

    Repeating alarm allows you to set an alarm that will be activated for certain days at a set time

  4. Snooze option

    An option for delaying alarm for a specific time, which is also adjustable for 0-30 minutes

  5. Multiple methods for alarm deactivation

    Multiple ways to deactivate alarm – mathematical problems, big button, shake device, and memory game that will initiate your morning brain activity and facilitate awakening

  6. Advanced alarm settings

    This option contains setting the maximum number of alarm delays, the duration of the gradual amplification of the melody, the duration of the alarm auto-off time, and whether the alarm sound will be active if the phone is in silent mode

  7. Favorite alarm

    This option allows you to set one favorite alarm that is activated or deactivated by a single click on the main application screen


Soft alarm clock – alarm clock allows you to fully customize the appearance of the clock on the screen

  1. Themes

    Allows you to create custom themes where you can customize your favorite background colors, seconds and hours indicator, as well as font and font color

  2. Three clock types

    It is possible to select between analog, digital or analog-digital clock

  3. Next alarm option

    This option allows you to display a small window at the bottom of the screen with information about the next alarm

  4. Screen dimming

    With one click in the quick menu, it is possible to dim the display during the night, in order to conserve battery power

  5. Active display mode

    In this mode, it is possible to determine the arbitrary time to turn off the phone screen or set the screen to remain active all night (recommended only if the phone is connected to the charger)

  6. Noise screen activation

    This option means setting the screen activation with sound (clap hands, whistle) and setting the volume level that will activate the screen

Soft alarm clock - kreator tema Soft alarm clock - analogni sat Soft alarm clock - igra memorije

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